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About Us

Born from my love of the perfect Grey Goose Citron Martini, chilled, with 3 olives,  Good Taste LA is my unique way of describing adventures in dining, drinking, shopping, fashion, beauty and anything under the (LA) sun that truly celebrates good taste! Read on and I’ll help you navigate the site!

AndrewsCheeseShop90210-Platter-2-300x159Cravings is all about food and spirits. It contains sub-categories, like Local Hangouts, Luscious, Delightfully Expensive, Grey Goose Gatherings (my personal fave), Artisans, Delicious Dives, Historical Haunts and Health Nuts. And I don’t necessarily talk just about the food. It’s about the cute waiters, celebrity sightings, great tables, the history, the people, great places to park and anything else that’s interesting about my specific adventure.

Life’s Little Luxuries is not the typical way one thinks of luxury. It’s more than a price tag. In my personal quest to redefine luxury, I developed my own definition, adapting Vogue’s Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley’s words: “Luxury is to be able create one’s life, health and happiness in a space of sheer joy!”

barbiAnd, coming soon, Good Taste in Giving. In the words of luxury handbag designer Nancy Gale of JAMAH, founder of non-profit programs In True Fashion and Gotta Give, who’s mission is to abolish the notion that giving entails an act of reciprocity, “Stop giving back and just start GIVING!”   This section celebrates those who talk the talk and walk the walk.

bikini waxAnd check out My Weekly Hot Flash (for hotties over 40 who want to stay sexy — oh hell, it’s for all hotties who wanna stay sexy)! Categories include From Beast to Beauty, The Perfect Fit, Sexy Silhouettes and more will be added as adventures unfold. I’ve enlisted the help of my friend and “go-to” gay stylist for help in this arena. I think every woman of a certain age needs a go-to gay stylist – you’ll have one if you read my columns on a weekly basis!

I want people who read this to laugh, be inspired and to have Good Taste adventures of their own. Grey Goose, if you’re reading this, this site is dedicated to you!



Any questions, comments or suggestions?  Talk to me…