The Fountain of Youth Has Gone to the Dogs!

I love animals. I mean love, love, love animals. Sometimes more than most people. I have decided to get a dog. I told my resistant husband that getting a dog it a great way to  improve the quality your of life, feel better, and look younger. (He went for it!)

And it’s true. Want to lose weight, eat better, improve health certain health conditions?  Get a dog. Here’s how:

You can’t let a pet go without food, so you’ll have to go to the grocery store on a regular basis. Start them out on a good brand of food found at Whole Foods or a similar venue. Then you can shop for yourself and your dog at the same store. Some of the dog food they carry at Whole Foods looks better than some of the steaks I’ve seen at those “other” grocery stores!

You can’t keep a dog inside your house all the time, (especially if they poop, and they all do) so you’ll be “forced” to take a daily walk, keeping you and the dog in great shape. My trainer, Fabian, says all you need is to walk two miles a day, every day, to begin to see a difference. My new dog will made sure of it.

And,  If you take your dog to your local dog park, you’ll be able to meet other dog enthusiasts, or maybe find a new love (for those who are single.)  I am certain that dog parks have a “pick up” rate higher rate than any tragically hip nightclub or bar.

Certain health ailments and conditions have been shown to be improved by having a pet. Sitting and stroking a cat lowers blood pressure – yours and the cat’s. I’ve read that even people with poor cholesterol and triglyceride levels show improvement when they have one or more pets.

Being a fashionista, I can’t wait to buy the cute little outfits they make for dogs. I love the furry sweaters, athletic gear (she’ll be a Chicago Cubs fan, whether she likes it or not), and raincoats and boots. Also I love Halloween, so costuming my baby will add an extra dimension to the celebration.

Now, I can also be one of “those obnoxious people” that bring their dogs shopping to Neiman Marcus or Sak’s Fifth Avenue, with stiletto heels and a outfit matching my pup’s.

I will adopt my new dog from a shelter or rescue. Many of the cats and dogs in animal shelters are likely already trained and housebroken, and the cats already know how to use a litter box. Not only will this make the prospect of getting a pet easier on you, you’ll be providing a home to an animIMG_0303al that may otherwise spend months or even years in an animal shelter cage, or worse, may be euthanized.

I went to NKLA Pet Adoption Center, a new no kill shelter operated by Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles. The 11,000-square-foot facility is designed with a “Cape Cod” theme. Way nicer than my house! It includes soundproof walls and a library, as well as private rooms where visitors can get to know prospective pets before deciding to adopt them.

Pet adoption rates cost between $100 and $350 and include a free pet ID tag, one month of pet insurance, leash, collar and a bag of food. All potential owners must go through a screening process.

PHONE: 424-208-8840